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: 4/1/09
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Hi Everyone!   No the title is no joke!   Today is
my B-Day, and I just returned from Neely Henry
with a first place win for the WBT.  So, I think a
new $25,000.00 Triton Bass boat is a pretty good
B-Day present, don't you?  I have to say I was
surprised to win.           
Co-angler Stacy Zhelesnik of Hoboken, N.J., logged
her first WBT victory with a 27-pound, 14-ounce
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Neely Henry, Ala.
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Last year I came in 2nd place, losing by only 7oz.  
This year I was in 6th place, and 5lbs behind going into the final day.  Being
5lbs out, I thought maybe I could come in second or third.  We had awful
weather, with thunder storms, driving rain, and even the threat of hail on the
last day.   They  almost cancelled the last day, but luckily for me the system
blew through.  I caught a few in practice on a Kamakazee 4" deep stix, a
bomber 200 crank bait and a Keitech spider grub.  However, as the weather
worsened, and the tournament started, my Keitech swing impact swim bait
started to shine.  I caught 12lb 14oz  on the final day, to take the lead by
1.6lbs.  My final weight was a whopping 27.14lbs, which is my personal best.
I want to thank all my sponsors, Kamakazee Bait  Co, Keitech, Secret
Weapon Lures, CB's Hawg Sauce, International Cuisine Delivery Service,
F-1 Air and Hoboken .  Also, I want to thank my friends
(especially Dustin King , Laura Gober and Robinette Fox), my bass club
Bergen Bassmasters, all the ladies of the WBT, and my family for your well
wishes and support.  You guys keep me going!    

Let Lunkers Live!
Stacy Z